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Astrology is referred to as a study of movements of the stars and planets and how the astrologers think it influence other people’s character and lives. It also involves using the moon and the sun to determine other people’s personalities and appearances to the world around them. It’s briefly about self-observation. Some believe it’s magical. The problem is that the views are not the same. Some are against it while some believe it’s true.

Those who are against astrology see it as a fake thing. Some say it’s just for entertainment purposes. Really who can be brave enough to gain entertainment using other people’s character? They say power can never be determined by planets and other things but a human being determines their power through this. They look at this thing of birth dates as too simplistic. Is human’s life so abstract? Of course not; astrology is the abstract one. It’s very hard to understand or believe the concept of astrology. But how does it work really? Let’s take a look.

The main source of information in astrology is through the universe. It has to do with moon, sun, planets and stars. Each of the above universe related deals with specific characteristics of a human being. The astrologists then connect the universe with people’s lives. They also use water sometimes. Water is usually linked to one’s emotions. Now what does each of these usually mean?

Let’s look deeply at the planet’s movement. Each planet represents different life experiences. Planets reveal things like personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, human potentials and limitations. Now let’s look in details at each of the planets and what it usually deals with.


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mercuryIt usually reveals one’s intelligence, ideas and self-expression. You’re told how intelligent you are in different life categories, which connect with how one can face problems life throws at him/her. Mercury deals with how you express yourself to [people around you to people in need of you. It deals with ideas you give to certain complications.


venusIt usually reveals one’s feeling of love, marriage approach, romance and friendship. How do you show love to someone else? How do you approach marriage related situations? What pleases you the most? Those are the questions answered with relation to Venus movements.


marsIt usually reveals energy and actions and sexual expression. The following questions are answered. How do you express yourself sexually? Do you have enough energy to face certain problems? How do you act to certain conditions?


jupiterIt usually reveals good and bad luck, the expression of generosity, tolerance and trust. It answers the following questions. Are generous enough? Can people trust you? Who to trust and not to trust? How much can you tolerate?


saturnIt deals with fear and sense of responsibility. Some people are not responsible for their actions. Are you one of them? Do you want to know if what you should and shouldn’t fear? Then visit the best astrologist.


neptuneThere is not a lot that these two deals with. Neptuce deals with confusing areas of life. Pluto usually deals with the total life transformation.


moonThe moon indicate very important things like personality, individuality, unconsciousness, you inner being and other things. It’s very hard to find the truth about you, but it is proven that the astrologist can clear this to anyone.


sunIt represents the overall impression you give to the world. It’s almost like your mask to the world. It tells the exact person you are to the world.


starsThey are usually used in relation with the birth dates. They reveal the feelings, strengths, and weaknesses of certain people born between certain dates.

Astrology is real and true. You just have to try it. It’s just hard to believe. And you should not let astrology run your life but just take it as a guide. You’ll see it’s great effects.